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I found something to obsess over for today, and therefore, am not bored. Yay!

Last year some time someone pointed out Franklin Covey planners as being delightfully anal. They are indeed, and as someone who delights in organization just because it's fun, I love them. Through round-about ways that involved lots of effort but less money than the website is charging, I've got one that I've quite been enjoying for the last 7 months or so. But. But. It's not perfect. And it needs to be perfect.

I wandered over to their website this morning for some reason and looked again at the multiple schedule tracking form which seems terribly useful for the poly lifestyle, donchaknow. But it's me and I'm a bit of a tightwad, so instead of buying the darn things (esp. 'cause I don't know if I like them yet!) I decided to whip up an imitation in Excel. Which worked marvelously. Yay, morning entertainment. I'm actually not sure I do like it. I think I will play around with it a little until I come up with a version that is exactly what I want.

More poking around the website, because while the planner is indeed delightfully anal, it's still not perfect. I went so far as to give them my email address just so I could poke about in "design your own planning pages" section. See, 'cause what I want is a task list section, a daily expenses section, a daily notes section (getting both the expenses section and the notes section on the same page isn't an option), and the vestiges of an appointment section. By "vestiges" I mean that having a list of the hours of the day and room to write next to them is useless to me.

But while the "design your own pages" will let you have an appointment section that is twice as big or allows you to schedule things with slots for all 24 hours in the day, it won't let you drop it completely. But really, I don't want to drop it completely, I want it to have three sections: morning, afternoon, evening. That's as detailed as I could possibly want. I am entirely capable of writing in times myself, but rarely do. I currently have a version of the one-page-per-day planning sheets with no "notes" section, and I just disregard all times and use the "appointments" section for that. But, if the planner were perfect, it would have exactly what I need, and it should be perfect.

Would it be entirely a waste of effort, time, and resources if I were to design and print out my own planning pages? I'm using the compact size, so we're talking using about 183 sheets of paper to print out a year's worth of pages. Then there's time designing and cutting and futzing around with it. I suppose I'd have to forgo having the day, date, month, and year on each page, because that would make the project monumental. I'd probably still be buying the month pages because they're all pretty and have tabs for each month and such, though if I wanted to I could customize those as well. I toy with the idea of getting pretty paper to do all this on, but I'm a tightwad, so I probably wouldn't.

Yes, I have thought about making my own planners before, but always dismissed it as being too much work and not attractive enough to be really satisfying. And I never had a vision before of exactly what I wanted. It does need to be at least minimally attractive in order for it to be pleasant and delightful for me to look at every day, over and over again...hmm - money vs. success of project. The planner I have is successful because I use it daily, find it helpful, and enjoy it. I don't want to get into color printing - not worth the trouble and I don't own one anyway. But pretty paper purchased in some quantity more than 10 sheets would work, yes?

*continues to obsess*

Yes, folks, I am that bored at work, and organizing things endlessly does make me that happy. ^_^

Date: 2005-06-15 01:53 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] krues8dr.livejournal.com
I'd point you towards 43 Folders, as you might find some interesting things - particularly, the Hipster PDA and DIY Planner. My life has become quite a bit more organized as a result of this site. It's very very Lo-Fi (yet high-tech), but that's kind of the point.

Date: 2005-06-15 02:06 pm (UTC)
fireandearth: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fireandearth
I've seen that site actually, and yes, I did enjoy it. It's not really pretty enough to keep me happy. ;) There are pieces I'd like to encorporate though. Thanks for pointing it out again and reminding me to think about it.

Day and Month

Date: 2005-06-22 05:20 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] aitp.livejournal.com
Putting the day and month on the pages is actually disturbingly easy in MS Word or your alternative word processor of choice (http://www.openoffice.org).

Personally? I'd just get it printed at Kinky's (now FedEx Kinky's); they'll print, collate, cut, and holepunch* the whole damn thing for you.


*: Is that a word?

Re: Day and Month

Date: 2005-06-22 05:58 am (UTC)
fireandearth: (Default)
From: [personal profile] fireandearth
But how do I get two dates on one sheet, if I'm cutting the pages in half?

Re: Day and Month

Date: 2005-06-24 10:26 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] aitp.livejournal.com
Page Setup -> Page size: 5.5" x 8.5"
Then print with 2-up duplexing (sometimes called "booking").

Kinky's can do most of it for you, if you ask nicely and/or find a guy and are wearing something skimpy.



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