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Tales from a community college library.

"I'm sorry, I know you're wearing headphones, but your music is still too loud."
*grumpy disbelief*
"You're listening to Evanescence, Bring me to life."
*sheepishly turns down cd player*


A student hands me a pile of old textbooks that he wants to donate to the library.
"Would you like a receipt for these, for tax purposes?"
"No, thanks. I don't get taxed much these days."


If you are polite, earnest, and listen to me, you can ask as many stupid questions as you like. But please stop picking your nose while you do it.

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Stitch & Bitch weekend and sleepover
Next Weekend

details )

people I think are coming - if you're not on this list and you want to be, let me know )

If you're coming, you don't know the way to my house, and directions haven't appeared in your in-box tonight, send me a note at [ljname]@livejournal.com.
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Working on bustle dress. Flatlining was kicking my butt, but I pulled out the hand-basting whoop-ass on it. It really does change the feel and drape of the fabric though. Ooo, ahhh.
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August 26 - 28th!

Sewing weekend, open to all (and all skill levels), with crash space, at my place in Dumfries, VA.

Here's the deal. Come over to my place any time from 6:30 on Friday to Sunday afternoon. Stay as long or as short as you like. Bring a project (or several). It doesn't matter if it's something you can breeze through easily, something so challenging it's been sitting in the back of your closet for years, or that mending you never get around to.

Bring your sewing machine if you've got one (or two! we will have more people than machines). Here's the main idea: If you know what you're doing, come ready to help people out. If you don't know what you're doing, we'll help you. I'm happy to take on complete beginners and start you with a simple project. We'll be making at least one trip to the fabric store during the weekend for supplies.

If you're interesting in getting started with corsetry, I can start you on the pattern-making/mock-up process, but DON'T expect to get it all done in a weekend. I'm not an expert, but I'll do my best to share what I've been learning.

We'll socialize, we'll sew. We have crash space, and even a bed or two for the first couple of people. Scott has offered to make at least one meal for us, and last time we had waffles for breakfast. ^_^ The rest of the food we'll figure out as we go.

PLEASE RSVP. We'd like to know who/how many to expect, especially so Scott can feed us. Last time we ended up with a revolving door of sewers, and so had plenty of room for everyone. Just let us know when to expect you. We had a fabulous weekend last time, and I'm really looking forward to doing it again.



Aug. 3rd, 2005 03:32 pm
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I'm planning another sewing weekend, and I was going to announce the date today, but now work wants me to work that Saturday, so I'm going to sort things out here before I put the word out. But it's coming!
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I'm back, and alive. More later.
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Gone backpacking.

Back Tuesday.
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Here are the pics of the new corset:

I'm wearing it today, because I can!
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I had an amazing weekend. Any weekend that is made up of all four of my top priorities has got to be fabulous. I started on construction for the grey rose (underwear) corset Friday, and went contra dancing in the evening. Saturday I had really delightful Scott time, worked on the corset, and then had fabulous Jim time. And Sunday I worked on the corset more. Scott, Jim, dancing, and sewing. What could be better?

Actually, I know the answer to that...I finished the corset Sunday night. Yes, start to finish in one weekend, taking about 20 hours - more than half of that was on Sunday. It looks...just incredible. First time on it cinched more than 4" without effort. I had intended it to be curvy, but I didn't think it would be THAT curvy. There are a couple of places where it could have used more boning, but that's a lesson for the next one. I intend to bring you pictures tonight. I, at least, am very impressed. ^_^

I rocked my weekend.
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This is a bdsm event happening this Saturday in the DC area. I know some of you were interested in good introductory events. Let me know...

TNG Exploratorium

For those of you in the DC area and interested or active in the BDSM community. The BR TNG will be hosting an exploratorium on July 16th at 7pm-9pm [time change from the original announcement]. This is a great chance to explore any number of stations ranging from the very beginner to more advanced topics. It is a great way to just try that little bit of something without much investment, or get a very quick educational seminar.

Cost is 5$ Br Members
8$ Non Members [everyone is welcome].

The BR social afterwards [9pm-2am] is open to all BR members, party card holders, and members of reciprocal groups. Everyone is allowed one guest. Normal social pricing.

Location is the New Carrolton Ramada Exhibition Center.
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I have a couple of nice introspective things I could talk about, but instead, for now, I bring you Victorian fabric research. I continue to do research on this project, and fabric choice is my next dilemma.

From Victorian Costume and Accessories by Anne M. Buck, 1961. I'm finding this book very useful, but even the revised 1997 edition is out of print. I found it in our library, and it's so old it doesn't even have a current barcode and it hasn't been off the shelf in a decade. Have I mentioned I love libraries?

some tidbits, if you happen to be interested in Victorian fabric content and color choice )

I haven't really noticed all that much red so far in my explorations. Is this because my more accurate sources are in black & white, or for some other reason?

I'm surprised that linen figures so much less heavily in this period than I am used to. Linen is barely ever mentioned. Does linen not drape the same way wool does? Cotton is far more popular here than it was in other time periods I'm familiar with, which is nice because cotton is far more available (and affordable) now than fine woolens.

What's a washing dress? I've seen Ms. Buck refer to them on several occasions.
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I managed to sunburn my back during the 20 minutes I spent outside eating lunch today. An elegant parasol is sounding more and more appealing for the girl who shouldn't spend 5 minutes in strong sunlight. It's not just the fair skin, it's the migraine drugs, too. Speaking of, I'm becoming more accustomed to my new diet restrictions. It's automatic Pavlovian training.*

And getting back to the sun problem (why, exactly, do most things in my life relate back to migraines eventually?) since my deadline for the bustle dress disappeared, I'm putting more energy into my end-of-July backpacking trip. I called my parents to make sure they we're planning to use the gear I wanted to borrow those days, and my father got all excited and wants to come along. For some reason I have less irrational fear about managing to interact with him for several days in the wilds of Virginia than I do about most people. I always feel a bit stunted about social interactions, even though I gather it doesn't appear that way to others. Anyway, I'm thinking about my trip and reading up on gear with a thought to buying some relatively inexpensive stuff via ebay to fill out my personal collection. And I'm un-abandoning the thought of getting a second trip in this year. Perhaps even with people (ooo, scary).

Every time I start reading about backpacking again I fantasize about through-hiking the Appalachian Trail again. I've had this particular fantasy for about as long as I can remember, being a daughter of avid hikers. And I'm reminded that I still consider canoing one of my hobbies, though I haven't been in a canoe in a few years now. *sadness* I have too many (time-consuming) hobbies.

I want OJ.
I want OJ.
No thanks, I'm suddenly feeling an aversion to OJ.
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Easy commute this morning – yay!
Got in early, but can’t leave early – boo!

Wednesday we have people coming over besides the usual A’s sister for dinner. Must do cleaning when I get home tomorrow.

I spent Saturday afternoon trapped. Backups all day in both directions on our stretch of 95 forcibly canceled my planned trip to the fabric store (or frankly, anywhere else) for muslin and sundries. So I stayed in and worked on my bustle overlay – which is taking much longer than I expected. Mostly because of the 16yd long piece of fabric that needed to be hemmed (boring) and cut into pieces and gathered (also boring) and stitched in place. The bones for the bustle and the skirt patterns arrived Friday (yay!). I’m still not sure what to use for the pretty fabrics yet. Monday was more work on the bustle. I put in the bones (!@$^#$#! and owie) and I’ve almost got the overlay finished. I pinned the overlay onto the bustle to see how long it was and how it lay (conclusion – it does need that last ruffle – back to hemming and gathering) and the first thing I noticed was that it’s heavy now. Or at least, much heavier than you’d expect. I should be able to finish it soon and get you all pictures.

Except that tonight I’m with J, Wednesday we have people over and cleaning to do, Thursday I work late, Friday I work and then we’re in the weekend and have stuff to do every day. Have I mentioned that I’m a lot more tired after my 4-day weekend than I was before it (lessee: stayed up till 3am, stayed up till 3am, stayed up till 12:30am, stayed up till midnight)?
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*sigh* Acute attack of tired but not sleepy. Urg.
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For those of you who are interested in the grand project...Read more... )
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Yeah, I'm still back at Saturday for LJ friends-list reading. So I see this post. And all-of-a-sudden-like I remember that Scott mentioned an interest in going to Dragoncon (the only con I've been to is little Madicon, peopled entirely by weirdos I know) and I suddenly have 2 months to build an amazing Victorian outfit from scratch. No, I've never done full Victorian anything before. I'm actually seriously considering introducing my money to my mouth. Aiie. How do I get myself into these messes??
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I found something to obsess over for today, and therefore, am not bored. Yay! Nobody cares but me! )

Yes, folks, I am that bored at work, and organizing things endlessly does make me that happy. ^_^


May. 25th, 2005 10:49 pm
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I will be out of the world until next Wednesday, at Camp. Rest assured that I will continue to obsess about corsets despite my absence.
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