Oct. 20th, 2005

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My body is finally realizing that this is a vacation instead of a long weekend. Yay. I've mostly been reading and sewing. I finished the Tricksters novels, read the new Octavia Butler (vampires!) - that woman does not disappoint. I just hope she keeps writing. Then I read Dead Until Dark: more vampires, but cheesier. Actually, everything was okay until we ran into "Bubba" - Elvis, the brain-damaged vampire. Jim, did you say there were more? I'm a sucker for a bad vampire novel. Teehee.

I finished Scott's shirt, made some migraine-soothing accessories, and I've been working on the cloak, which is coming quite well, and is turning out better than I thought it would. I wanted to jump into making dresses out of my batiked quilters cottons, but it seems the pattern that I used back in college is now significantly small on me, and Simplicity has discontinued it. So I grabbed it on ebay this morning, but I don't know how long it will take to get here, so who knows what I'll do next.

Per [livejournal.com profile] loringil's request, I've scheduled another sewing weekend for December. Tonight I will chat with my mother and clean up the basement. Having three evenings at home this week has been almost as refreshing as a couple additional days off would be. I'm looking forward to starting the new job on Tuesday. I think when it gets here I'll be ready for it, though I'm sure I'll still have plenty of sewing I don't have time for.


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