Jul. 6th, 2005

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I managed to sunburn my back during the 20 minutes I spent outside eating lunch today. An elegant parasol is sounding more and more appealing for the girl who shouldn't spend 5 minutes in strong sunlight. It's not just the fair skin, it's the migraine drugs, too. Speaking of, I'm becoming more accustomed to my new diet restrictions. It's automatic Pavlovian training.*

And getting back to the sun problem (why, exactly, do most things in my life relate back to migraines eventually?) since my deadline for the bustle dress disappeared, I'm putting more energy into my end-of-July backpacking trip. I called my parents to make sure they we're planning to use the gear I wanted to borrow those days, and my father got all excited and wants to come along. For some reason I have less irrational fear about managing to interact with him for several days in the wilds of Virginia than I do about most people. I always feel a bit stunted about social interactions, even though I gather it doesn't appear that way to others. Anyway, I'm thinking about my trip and reading up on gear with a thought to buying some relatively inexpensive stuff via ebay to fill out my personal collection. And I'm un-abandoning the thought of getting a second trip in this year. Perhaps even with people (ooo, scary).

Every time I start reading about backpacking again I fantasize about through-hiking the Appalachian Trail again. I've had this particular fantasy for about as long as I can remember, being a daughter of avid hikers. And I'm reminded that I still consider canoing one of my hobbies, though I haven't been in a canoe in a few years now. *sadness* I have too many (time-consuming) hobbies.

I want OJ.
I want OJ.
No thanks, I'm suddenly feeling an aversion to OJ.


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