Jul. 5th, 2005

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Easy commute this morning – yay!
Got in early, but can’t leave early – boo!

Wednesday we have people coming over besides the usual A’s sister for dinner. Must do cleaning when I get home tomorrow.

I spent Saturday afternoon trapped. Backups all day in both directions on our stretch of 95 forcibly canceled my planned trip to the fabric store (or frankly, anywhere else) for muslin and sundries. So I stayed in and worked on my bustle overlay – which is taking much longer than I expected. Mostly because of the 16yd long piece of fabric that needed to be hemmed (boring) and cut into pieces and gathered (also boring) and stitched in place. The bones for the bustle and the skirt patterns arrived Friday (yay!). I’m still not sure what to use for the pretty fabrics yet. Monday was more work on the bustle. I put in the bones (!@$^#$#! and owie) and I’ve almost got the overlay finished. I pinned the overlay onto the bustle to see how long it was and how it lay (conclusion – it does need that last ruffle – back to hemming and gathering) and the first thing I noticed was that it’s heavy now. Or at least, much heavier than you’d expect. I should be able to finish it soon and get you all pictures.

Except that tonight I’m with J, Wednesday we have people over and cleaning to do, Thursday I work late, Friday I work and then we’re in the weekend and have stuff to do every day. Have I mentioned that I’m a lot more tired after my 4-day weekend than I was before it (lessee: stayed up till 3am, stayed up till 3am, stayed up till 12:30am, stayed up till midnight)?


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